Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ) 

Where are you located? We are located at 1585 Mississauga Valley Blvd, We are on Unit #7, just beside the Pizza Pizza and Subway.  See on google maps here. 

What are your hours? Our hours are usually updated on our google profile, and can also be found on or hours page. Our hours are different for the Drycleaning and coin laundry, and the hours you see on google are for the coin laundry. (longer hours)  The dry cleaning usually closes earlier, so please check the above hours page hyperlink to see hours specific to each day and service. (Our drycleaning is located at the front, and our coin laundry is at the back entrance.) 

What Services do you offer? 
  • Alterations (Clothing Tailoring Fixing and Alterations, including fixing seams, hemming, shortening pants, adding or changing zippers, waist in and waist out, tapering pants/jeans, adding elastic, shortening straps, shortening bottom of shirts or jackets, adding buttons to all clothes such as shirts and jeans, adding holes to belts, etc., ) 
  • Shoe repair (Stretch, Heel Replacement, Heel Glue, Shoe Shining, Shoe, and Carpet Cleaning.)
  • Carpet cleaning (Based on square foot.) 
  • Wash and fold service (you drop off your clothes and we can launder and fold it for you, next day pickup.)
  • Self-service Laundromat/coin laundry located at the back entrance of the cleaners. (It's right behind the nail salon/spa and has parking there too. We always have an employee available to assist you.) 
  • We also sell various items, including reusable and disposable face masks, gloves, plastic bags, reusable fabric bags, drinks from our vending machine (coke, ginger ale, Pepsi, sparkling lemonade, nestle iced tea.) 
  • If you have any questions, you can call us or bring your items in and we can see how we can best assist you. 
  • Our Google Profile 
  • Alternate Site with gallery and map: https://chriscleaners.business.site/
How much are your services? 
Our services often depend on the material, size, etc., So we recommend bringing your items to our location to get an accurate estimate and pricing. We are open 7 days a week (Monday-Sunday, both coin laundry and dry cleaning) and our hours are here

What items do you sell? We sell fabric reusable and disposable masks, gloves, fabric laundry bags, plastic bags, soaps for the laundromat, (powdered Tide soap, Downy softener, Bounce dryer sheets, Clorox powder) Vending machine drinks (Coke, Pepsi. Nestle iced tea, Ginger ale, Sparkling lemonade.) 

What are the holiday hours? Our holiday hours often depend on government restrictions and demand. As of July 4, 2020, we have updated our con laundry hours and both our dry cleaners ad coin laundry will be closed on holidays. We will post updates and update the google schedule, but if you are not sure you can give us a call.

DryCleaning/Alterations etc., 
I want to get my clothing altered. What are my options? 
1. You can measure how much you want to shorten/alter the clothing and we can follow your measurements (You can use a safety pin to the clothing. ) 
2. You can give us a sample pant that is similar in style and that is already the proper length, and we can use that as the sample measurement to get the same inseam/outseam length. 
3. We can measure it, so you can bring in the pants you want to shorten/whichever article of clothing you want to get altered and we can measure and pin items in the store. We have a change room available. If you are getting a dress/profesional attire altered, we recommend you bring the shoes you will be wearing with the profesional attire so that we get an accurate length. 

Can you do alterations to fix things other than clothes? Yes! We can fix cushions, backpacks, bags, shoes, blankets, stuffed animals, you name it. You can bring it into the store and we can give you pricing and discuss if it's possible. 

How long does it take for my items to be dry cleaned or altered? Due to the current situation, dry cleaning may take around 1 week. Alterations can be finished between 2-3 days (up to a week, depending on the fixing required.  Normally pick up for dry cleaning or alterations happens on or after 4pm, and is also indicated on your receipt. 

What happens if I lose my receipt? No Worries! You can still pick up your items, as long as you remember the phone number and we have your last name. 

What happens if I get busy and I am unable to pick up the drycleaning/alteration the day it is ready? No worries. We keep items here, so you do not need to pick up your items right away. It s recommended, but we understand things get busy sometimes. You can give us a call to ask if you have any items if you are unsure, and we also call our customers to remind them to pick things up if they have not picked up their items after a few months/a year.

How experienced is your seamstress? Our seamstress has experience doing alterations for over 20 years and has experience with a variety of different fixing needs. We can fix it! 

Do you do your alterations in-store? Yes! We have industrial quality machines and equipment that ensure you get the best service. 

Coin Laundry 
Where is your Coin Laundry Located? It is located in the back entrance. From the dry cleaners, make your way past subway, the hair salon, and right behind the nail salon/spa (on the left side corner, there is parking there) is the coin laundry. The pictures are below. 

What is the advantage of your laundromat? We have washers and dryers that are great quality,  and that offer the best washing for your clothes. Other features: 
  • Large machines available, along with machines of all sizes to fit your needs. 
  • Faster Drying Time.  Our machines have great functions, including extra extract and heavy soil that can ensure you get the best clean, and since we are front loaders, the clean is better and leaves your clothes clean and in great condition, thus improving clothing life. 
  • Professional-grade equipment 
  • Fast washing and drying available, to save your time. Are you tired of waiting 1 hour just to wash and then another 1 hour to dry? We have a variety of functions including quick wash 
This is my first time going to the coin laundry. What should I bring? Help available? 
You can bring your own soap, and bags or purchase soap and bags at our laundromat. You can bring your spare change and use that, or bring cash bills and you can change them into quarters/loonies with the change machine. We always have a staff employee there that can assist you. 

How long would it take to wash and dry my items? Normally 35-40 minutes to wash and usually requires around half the cost in your wash to dry. (Drying time varies based on amount/thickness etc.,) You can ask an employee if you need help with predicting the amount of time. 

I have a stain on my clothes. What do you recommend? We offer dry cleaning services and would recommend getting your items dry cleaned for the best cleaning quality. 

Is your question not on here? No worries! Feel free to visit our location and we will be happy to show you our coin laundry or assist you with your cleaning, and other needs. You can also give us a call. Our google profile is here with our contact details